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TNT Quilt Boards, LLC

Great Board - Pressing Station Retro Conversion Rack

This conversion rack is the perfect rack system for those that have the original Great Board and would like to convert it to one they can put on the racks to convert into a pressing station.   The Retro Rack will hold your original Great Board and is designed to easily allow your Great Board to sit on top and clasp onto the rack system.  There is a specially designed insert that will aid in keeping  the board on your retro rack system.  It also provides a great work station addition to your sewing area and provides you with additional shelves for storage.  The shelves measure 16" x 36".  The Pressing Station comes with adjustable feet and is approximately 37" high.  You can add 3" or 4" wheels to your system for additional height. 


RACKS:   Length  - 36"  Width - 16"  Approx. Weight -  20 lbs                                                                PRICE:   $159.99

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Wheels-Casters 3" - Pressing Station (4)



Wheels-Casters 4" - Pressing Station (4)



Retro Pressing Station Rack